You never really know when things are going to change. When everything you thought was true and real turns out to be the exact opposite.

So you stand there waiting, with your eyes shut and your hands in fists, and your holding back tears because everything you’ve ever known is changing right before your eyes and all you can do is let it.

You breathe in one final breath, exhale and your black and white world, is full of color.


An American Nightmare

Life is undeniably the most complicated and complex thing we will ever endure. We never know when the next person will snap, what the next news headline holds, when our loved ones will be gone, or when our very last breath will be taken.

We mistake terrorist acts as confusion when the act doesn’t match the stereotype. We pray and send love, but things never change in this God forsaken place.

We lack an understanding for another persons views, simply seeing “wrong” versus “right”. When we miss the point that people are dying just because we don’t take the time to understand simple human nature – just to cling to spite.

Humanity has declined, hate is prominent, and heartache is real.

I become short of breath thinking about bringing my future kids into a world where hate is ideal.

You would think that life shouldn’t seem this scary, but yet we use weapons to try to change the minds of those that disagree.

Girls can’t walk alone because they’re scared of being raped and boys can’t cry because they’re scared of looking small, but why are we so hesitant to live our full lives in the land that is suppose to be for the free?

And while most were hoping for the “American dream”, we created an American nightmare.

How We Move..

I move through this world with uncertainty, but with grace, with a mindfulness and an open mind.

I hope to create a world for myself to feel this peace at all times even in my darkest moments.

I hope to move seamlessly with someone else just as well as I move alone.

How I move is who I am. Open, free, dark, and real.

How I move is me.

At the most difficult times, I turned to you. When I needed you most, you chose distance when I needed closure.

You can’t fall for potential. If the actions don’t match the words; then move on. Potential can’t and won’t give you what you deserve. – K.M.A


She wept to him “You can’t deny this is something more. How can you walk away from something that can be great because of a fear of it failing? I cried for you so many nights to call and you never did. We’re strangers and we didn’t save anything. We didn’t save ourselves from each other, we ruined each other. Can’t you see that?”

“I’ll always love you, you know that” He said as he walked away.

  • K.M.A// Excerpts From a Book I’ll Never Write – 1


What’s it like to grow apart from someone?

Let me tell you:

It’s missing someone that was a constant force, keeping you going, but now just a distant memory.

It’s like the feeling of out growing your favorite childhood shirt and realizing that style just isn’t you anymore and that the fit just isn’t right.

It’s an almost feeling that rips you to the core because you had it and it was real, but it’s just wasn’t enough.

It’s the feeling of closing the door behind them and falling to the floor in tears knowing that they’re on the other side and never coming back.

It’s like grieving someone who isn’t dead, but in reality you just don’t know who you or they are anymore.

And it’s the saddest thing; you both just changed.

You don’t recognize yourself in the mirror and you don’t even recognize them in photographs.

And then it’s 6 months later and you’re spiraling because of this this emptiness inside of you.

And since you both just changed, you realized you lost this part of yourself that you never really asked to leave; everything just changed and there was no control over stopping it.

So growing out of someone you love, well…..

…..It’s tragic.

I'd let you ruin me 1,000 more times before ever letting you go for good. - K.M.A

Too Much.

I have always been too much, I was always over thinking too much and I will always be too much. Too intelligent, too free spirited, too much woman. There was never a time where you could handle me because being a woman I always made you feel powerless and I overwhelmed you with sensations of your mind being awakened. I always had the last word and I always left you speechless. And one thing I will always be is better than you who thought he could handle a woman, but your hands were far too small to hold me and your grip was never tight enough to have me.

I have never felt more beautiful, than when I am wrapped up in your skin. – K.M.A