What’s it like to grow apart from someone?

Let me tell you:

It’s missing someone that was a constant force, keeping you going, but now just a distant memory.

It’s like the feeling of out growing your favorite childhood shirt and realizing that style just isn’t you anymore and that the fit just isn’t right.

It’s an almost feeling that rips you to the core because you had it and it was real, but it’s just wasn’t enough.

It’s the feeling of closing the door behind them and falling to the floor in tears knowing that they’re on the other side and never coming back.

It’s like grieving someone who isn’t dead, but in reality you just don’t know who you or they are anymore.

And it’s the saddest thing; you both just changed.

You don’t recognize yourself in the mirror and you don’t even recognize them in photographs.

And then it’s 6 months later and you’re spiraling because of this this emptiness inside of you.

And since you both just changed, you realized you lost this part of yourself that you never really asked to leave; everything just changed and there was no control over stopping it.

So growing out of someone you love, well…..

…..It’s tragic.

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