Life is undeniably the most complicated and complex thing we will ever endure. We never know when the next person will snap, what the next news headline holds, when our loved ones will be gone, or when our very last breath will be taken.

We mistake terrorist acts as confusion when the act doesn’t match the stereotype. We pray and send love, but things never change in this God forsaken place.

We lack an understanding for another persons views, simply seeing “wrong” versus “right”. When we miss the point that people are dying just because we don’t take the time to understand simple human nature – just to cling to spite.

Humanity has declined, hate is prominent, and heartache is real.

I become short of breath thinking about bringing my future kids into a world where hate is ideal.

You would think that life shouldn’t seem this scary, but yet we use weapons to try to change the minds of those that disagree.

Girls can’t walk alone because they’re scared of being raped and boys can’t cry because they’re scared of looking small, but why are we so hesitant to live our full lives in the land that is suppose to be for the free?

And while most were hoping for the “American dream”, we created an American nightmare.

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