Too Much.

I have always been too much, I was always over thinking too much and I will always be too much. Too intelligent, too free spirited, too much woman. There was never a time where you could handle me because being a woman I always made you feel powerless and I overwhelmed you with sensations of your mind being awakened. I always had the last word and I always left you speechless. And one thing I will always be is better than you who thought he could handle a woman, but your hands were far too small to hold me and your grip was never tight enough to have me.

I have never felt more beautiful, than when I am wrapped up in your skin. – K.M.A


You have awakened a flame in me that I cannot tame,

I have felt you on my skin a million times and each time is different.

You write a different story on my skin with your lips each time the two meet.

The knot in my stomach and the shaking in my hands will not rest.

You are the cause for every thought in my head.

You have awakened me, when I thought I lost my smile.

You allow me to see clear when my vision was going cloudy.

I have found clarity in the nothing that we are.

  • K.M.A

The Welcome Post

As I enter this journey of actually creating this, I have so much anxiety in my chest. I once wrote for the Odyssey Online and though that was such an experience, that I will always be thankful for, there was so many things I was unable to say, feel, or write about without feeling as though I was being to blunt, real, and inappropriate.

This blog will be a full expression of me. Somewhere I can reach readers, friends, and even family and evidently reach inside myself, and be unapologetic for every feeling that everyone and that me, myself goes through everyday. I hope through this I become influential to those who happen to come across some of my posts. I hope to make someone smile, someone cry, and even be enlightened and more importantly inspired to follow any dream you have. I hope to grow in this process and I am thankful for those who have pushed me and always supported my writing, this is to you and more importantly this is for me.